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LangWatch - Understand, measure and improve your LLMs | Product Hunt
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Build AI solutions with quality, confidence, and safety

The all-in-one AI monitoring and analytics platform

Integrating with your LLM of choice

LangWatch provides all-in-one tooling to improve and iterate on your current models, as well as mitigating risks such as jailbreaking, sensitive data leaks and hallucinations

Why LangWatch

Safety first

Guardrails are crucial in AI maintenance. LangWatch safeguards you and your business from exposing sensitive data, prompt injection and keeps your AI from going off the rails, avoiding unforeseen damage to your brand.

Maintaining quality

Understanding the behaviour of both AI and users can be challenging for businesses with integrated AI. Ensure accurate and appropriate responses by constantly maintaining quality through oversight.

Seamless shipping

Once built,  AI products can cause instability. Langwatch provides tooling to iterate.

How LangWatch
unlocks safety

Robust safeguards

LangWatch’s safety checks and guardrails prevent common AI issues including jailbreaking, exposing sensitive data, and off-topic conversations.

Analysis and improvement

Track conversion rates, output quality, user feedback and knowledge base gaps with real-time metrics — gain constant insights for continuous improvement.

Intelligent evaluation

Powerful  evaluation allows you to evaluate the performance of your RAG, new models and prompts, develop datasets for testing, and run experimental simulations on tailored builds.

Don't just take our
word for it

LangWatch has enabled me to detect unforeseen results in LLM-driven data pipelines during development and production stages. These valuable insights allow me to address potential problems before they become apparent to end-users.

Kjeld O

AI Architect - Entropical


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Frequently asked

Is LangWatch easy to integrate?

Yes! You can either use our SDK and add this to your Python app (a few lines of code, within minutes) or integrate LangWatch via our RestAPI.

Can I use LangWatch dashboards/analytics in our (SaaS) solution?

Yes, we provide companies with an API so it’s easy for you to integrate our solution (Analytics) into your solution(s).

Can LangWatch protect AI from jailbreaking?

Yes, you can easily use LangWatch guardrails to detect jailbreak attempts among other issues, like off-topic detection or competitor mentions.

How does LangWatch detect hallucinations?

With LangWatch Evaluations you’ll always have the latest evaluations against hallucinations. We control how relevant the output is, what faithfulness of the product is or if the RAG has provided sufficient sources. This means you can focus on making great LLM-based apps, without the hassle of implementing new hallucination mitigation methods.

Who is LangWatch for?

Developers, Product Managers & people involved in building AI applications who are looking forward to keep iterating and improving their solution. Bring high standards of quality, performance & safety to your LLM solutions.

Are enterprises using LangWatch?

Yes, aside from our “Cloud offering solution” we offer on-premise & bring your own data base solution. Reach out for more information.

How does LangWatch handle Data privacy & Security?

LangWatch is built from the ground up by an experienced team with security, privacy, and compliance prioritized from day one. Deployed in a secure and safe cloud with robust security capabilities all hosted in the EU. No personal information is stored with granular PII Controls. More info:

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Enterprise security

Built on enterprise security foundations


We safeguard your data through secure processing in compliance with GDPR


LangWatch is working towards ISO 27001 certification